Guardian Mortgage Company Inc.

Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. has been in the mortgage lending and servicing business since the 1960s. It is an independently owned and managed company that specializes in origination and servicing residential mortgages. Guardian takes special pride in helping thousands of families with their mortgage needs and now has almost two billion dollars in its servicing portfolio – translating into over 17 thousand current satisfied customers. Guardian is committed to quality in everything it does and has a friendly, well-trained and experienced staff that has benefited from stability and very low turnover. Customers enjoy the value of having real people at every contact point with Guardian – no call centers or scripts. Guardian is unique. It is large enough to provide the innovative, leadership services that are needed and yet small enough to give individual attention to each customer. Here are just a few of the “Mortgage Advantages” that Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. has for you: * Does not sell its servicing * Does not use brokered funds * Does not have any prepayment penalties * Controls the entire loan process with in-house origination, underwriting, and servicing * Has the reputation for making things happen quickly * Has the proven ability and resolve to work with its customers fairly and forthrightly * Extends highly competitive rate leadership * Offers generous “peace-of-mind” rate lock protection * Offers a detailed “pre-approval” process for purchase loans * Is independent and thus eliminates complicated corporate double talk and unnecessary red tape