Gutter Guards

8/8/2019 - The simple design, self positioning, and quality manufacturing allows the GutterBrush Gutter Guard to be installed quickly and hassle-free. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard system is the best solution because it is based on a simple premise that prevents your rain gutter from clogging combined with the fact that the direction of the bristles is actually into the gutter. Other systems create a "flat horizontal plane" that causes water to skip past, but GutterBrush's raised profile actually causes the bristles to draw water into the center of the gutter for better performance. There is no complicated assembly of the GutterBrush Gutter Guard system, no touching of roof material, no holes or fasteners are placed in or on your home’s roof, fascia or rain gutters, and it stays in your gutter year round. This means the GutterBrush can be purchased and installed for a small fraction of the cost of other, more complicated rain gutter protection devices. Plus, if the GutterBrush Gutter Guard ever requires maintenance, the system is easily and quickly removed, renewed, and re-installed with no damage to your valuable home. The simple yet incredibly effective design of the GutterBrush Gutter Guard combined with the ease of installation, allows us to pass considerable savings along to you. GutterBrush comes in five different sizes or diameters to fit the most common size gutters. Within each GutterBrush size, multiple box sizes or lengths are also available.Our products are as follows. Small for 4 inch gutters (actual brush diameter is 3.25") Standard for 5 inch gutters (actual diameter is 4.25") Oversized for 6 inch gutters (actual diameter is 5.25") Extra Large for 7 inch gutters (actual diameter is 6.5") Industrial for 8 inch gutters (actual brush diameter is 8") The most common size of GutterBrush is Standard for 5 inch gutters. The most common Style of gutter, by far, is the K-Style gutter. If you have a K-Style gutter, you simply measure your rain gutter across the top horizontally from the back of the rain gutter (at the fascia) to the outermost tip of the gutter. 5 inch = Standard (most common) , 6 inch = Oversized. To see pictures of "How to Measure", click here to go to our "How to Measure" page. If you have a K-style gutter, simply identify which size you have and order the appropriate GutterBrush size and footage. If you have some other size or style of gutter, residential sizing samples and commercial sizing samples ( 2 different sample boxes) are available for free ,all we ask is for a portion of the shipping cost which is $ 9.95. The residential sizing sample box (smp-res) contains 6" length samples of each of our 3 smallest residential size products. The commercial sizing sample box (smp-com) contains 6" length samples of each of our 3 largest commercial size products. Once again, if you have a K-style gutter you should not need sizing samples, however if you have some other style of gutter, the sizing samples box enables you to receive samples of 3 different sizes so that you can actually check the fit of each to determine the best most optimal GutterBrush product for your gutters. The best most optimal performance is achieved when the brush fills the gutter as much as possible without overly compressing the bristles. Additionally it is also desirable that the brush creates a "raised profile" or "crowns" or extends out the top of the gutter about an inch or two. The raised profile increases surface area and also allows that debris that may lay on the brush is up higher than the sides of the gutter so that the wind can purge. Since GutterBrush was originally designed for K-style gutters, the fit is always perfect when you purchase the right size. Other style gutters can be fit by using the most optimal size of GutterBrush that follows the GutterBrush Fit Criteria. As the Fit Criteria States, it is desirable that GutterBrush fills the gutter and extends or "crowns" out the top to create a raised profile, however with gutters which have a width that differs from the length, it is not always possible to fill the entire gutter and create the raised profile. In such cases, an on-site decision can be made with sizing samples to determine the most optimal fit. GutterBrush will work fine even if it does not fill the entire gutter or if it does not necessarily extend or "crown " out the top creating the raise profile. While these characteristics are desirable to create the best performance, GutterBrush works just fine when it does not necessarily have all of these characteristics because GutterBrush is, in itself, a protected flow chanel. About The Author:- Gutter Guards - The GutterBrush Gutter Guard system consists of filling the entire gutter with 3 foot lengths of self-positioning GutterBrush, and leaving them in place; the brush keeps debris out and keeps the gutter from clogging while the water flows between the bristles. Contact Details: GUTTERBRUSH LLC 855 Aquidneck Ave Ste 6 Middletown, RI 02842 Phone.No.- 1-8883979433