Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 1998, headquarter located in Hangzhou,China.The company is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of Smart lockers with our products ranging from parcel locker, electronic storage locker, smart sorting device, mailbox, refrigerator locker to heating locker, etc. In 1998, we built the first keyless electronic locker with Chinese system in the world. In 2012, based on cloud-computing and Internet of Things technology, we designed the first intelligent parcel station in China, which radically solve the last-mile transporting dilemma. Dongcheng Electronic provides products customizable to fit any automated package solution which are crafted from durable materials with exceeding industry standards for data protection, offers professional and comprehensive customer service before and after sales. We also provides remote updates for software system and standard technical training materials. Besides, giving responses within 12 hours after receiving customers’ requests, and sends technical staff to support if necessary. We aim to: 1. Reduce your cost. 2. Save your time and simplify the workflow. 3. Extend duration of your products. 4. Contribute to managing your relationship with your partners.