Happy Newborns

Happy Newborns is a South Florida-based childcare and nanny service company offering assistance to new parents for infants between the ages of 0 and 4 years old on short-term and long-term bases in person and via telephone and email. Highly qualified and experienced childcare professionals fulfill several services for both mother and baby. Trained newborn caregivers provide guidance for parents in the areas of breast feeding, swaddling, sleep training, and more. Happy Newborns is a family building business, dedicated to providing the support system each mother and baby need to ensure a healthy beginning. The objective is to help new parents, or parents of multiples and premature or special needs babies, to approach uncharted territory without trepidation. With this tailored and personalized assistance and guidance, parents can become confident in their own abilities and babies get the best foundation for a bright future. For more information, visit www.happynewborns.com or call (855) 954-BABY.