Founded in August 2009, HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd employs some of the most advanced techniques in its animation, music, storyline, and design. “Happy Friends” has helped to promote the Chinese animation overseas, even though it was not easy at the beginning. Before its release, the Chinese animation industry had created many cartoons, but they were struggling to become famous abroad. Besides, the Chinese younger audience had no local superheroes to look up to. The market was focused on American and Japanese superheroes. “Happy Friends” was initially released also to respond to this need and its great success has shown that it was indeed a great move. HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd has received several awards, some of which are the 2012 Asia Animation Venture Capital Award for Outstanding Works, the China Top Ten Most Valuable Cartoons Award in October 2010, the 7th Golden Dragon Award for the Best Animated Series in September 2010.