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Foot & Ankle Physicians Group, PC launches new website for foot and ankle care. The website provides the best foot and ankle care solutions. Foot & Ankle Physicians Group strives to provide the highest quality of foot and ankle treatment by providing customized care to each patient and treating them in a personal and professional manner. Dr. Cohen’s approach to podiatric medicine is both traditional (allopathic) and natural (homeopathic) as she integrates both of them to provide the best medical techniques. She specializes in treating patients with all types of foot and ankle conditions including tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fascitis, and many other conditions. She has experience utilizing a series of FDA approved natural herbal products and remedies that have been highly successful in treating many common foot, ankle, and heel conditions. These natural medications relieve pain and inflammation like traditional treatments but have minimal side effects. Treatments are provided for heel pain, muscle and tendon pain, ankle sprains, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot), warts, foot odor, fungal and discolored nails, flat feet, nerve pain (neuroma, neuritis), Bunions, ingrown toenails, diabetic neurotheraphy, diabetic ulcers, gout, custom shoe inserts “orthotics”. Dr. Cohen is currently developing a line of foot care products that help maintain outer beauty and inner health of the foot and ankle. These products can include anything from specially-formulated creams for dry, cracked heels to refreshing mint foot masks for tired and sore muscles. With a range of products and services, this website also provides natural remedies for best ankle doctor and foot pain l