Herold's Financial Dictionary

Herold's Financial Dictionary appeared first online in June 2016 with around 200 financial terms and covers now over 900. What makes this online glossary unique from others is the detailed and comprehensive article-styled description of each term with around 600 words. All term descriptions provide cross reference links to other terms. It also offers intelligent powered search functionality with instant term suggestions as used on Google search. Simple and fast access is provided through indexing all terms on one single page, which loads in less than 2 seconds. It is entirely and refreshingly free from pop ups, sign ups, or any third party advertising. All pages are running over a secure connection for maximum privacy and security. Over 900 terms are indexed on the front page, which offer quick group selection by clicking on alphabet letters. An additional dictionary offers access to the most frequently used relevant acronyms. There is also a category page section under which all terms are appropriately arranged. This financial dictionary is continuously updated weekly and adds about 40-50 new terms per month. New terms are generated from an integrated and automated intelligent in-house research program. It runs daily in the background and scans financial RSS feeds from the largest financial news sites for appropriate new financial terms. It offers 12 books that represent all online categories and an extra acronyms version as well as a free version with the 100 most important terms. All 12 books are available as PDF, Kindle and Paperback version on the website and on amazon. Feature Highlights - Quick selection through alphabetic letters - 900 most common financial terms in dictionary - Comprehensive explanation with around 600 words per term - Updated weekly - adding around 50 new terms every month - Additional dictionary of frequently used financial acronyms - Category section that lists all terms according to the relevant category - Speed optimized - page loads in under 2 seconds - Easy access through indexing all terms on one single page - Free from pop ups, sign ups or any third party advertising - Secure https connection for all visitor requests - Automatic hyper-links in description to other terms - Intelligent powered search with instant term suggestions like Google