Hitman Records, Inc.

Hitman Records, Inc. located Los Angeles and San Francisco is a US/International physical & digital music distributor and service provider for independent artists & labels throughout the world. The core business model is loosely based on the Japanese keiretsu system, a form of organization based on networks rather than hierarchy which in effect achieves the scale economies of vertical integration with a network of affiliated companies working in conjunction, with all the capabilities of a major label but the low overhead and flexibility of an independent. Hitman Records has distribution through its distributors with partnerships with leading companies such as MVD Entertainment/Universal Music Canada, Best Buy, FYE, Anderson Merchandisers, Super D, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Target, Sears, Kmart, HMV, Alliance Entertainment Corporation. Customer relationship management services consist of Single point of contact, Negotiating contractual terms and conditions, SKU set-up and life cycle management, Data integrity, Inventory management, Purchase order processing and acknowledgement, Shipment tracking and delivery confirmation, Payables processing and resolution of invoice/shipping discrepancies, Returns processing, Marketing and Advertising. Hitman has built strong relationships with specialized manufacturers, publishers and other media providers. In the end, Hitman provides its clients include customer relationship management, product and inventory management, and sales and marketing support.