02.04.2012 – Purchase of by Activision has come in the wake of the decision of the purchaser to use it a sequel to Call of Duty. While the same publisher had previously purchased domains up to the black ops 6, blackops2 was conspicuous by its absence from the list of the domains used by it as sequel to Call of Duty. Over the years Call to Duty has been highly popular with the game lovers across the globe. However black ops 2 were not a part of the popular game arcade of Activision. Now the domain has joined the collection of Activision. The domain is owned by Mark Monitor and it is an “Internet brand protection company that caters to over half the Fortune 100, of which Activision is a client”, reports Fusible. According to the company authorities, they had received numerous requests from interested viewers on the black ops 2 forum and that inspired them to take such deal. The domain is regularly updated and the Fusible report on 10th instant reveals that the domain was last updated on 6th of this month. There is however one thing to consider. While the step taken by Activision to purchase the black ops 2 might have been prompted by the urge to protect their copyright, prior to that around 14 million copies of black ops 2 have already been sold out to various clients. A sequel is however, never out of question, especially in view of the fact that the Call of Duty game is also undergoing major transformation and improvement. It is not known how far such improvement and transformation is related to black ops 2. Some people have expressed their doubts about the realities of the black ops 2 but going by the black ops 2 forum discussions and information available around, it seems that black ops 2 could be something different altogether. Black ops 2 designers are happy at the turn of the events. They think it is good news that Activision has adopted the domain name of back ops now. Contact Information: Denver, CO 80206, US