is a radically new on-line community of businesses, retailers, artists and musicians. We have created a traditional, yet fully realised interactive 2D retail space in the form of a web page and combined it with a new, revolutionary 3D commercial space in Second Life. Thus allowing a degree of interaction between the client and the customer otherwise only available in a real life store. Imagine an on-line community, with a secure and fully functioning shop feature which is easy to set up, access and maintain. A community where you, the user, have a full control over the content, design and features of your own uniquely created retail space. A community which is fully integrated with and ever expanding world wide base of 14,524,679 users who conduct over 19,356,136 financial transactions a month. Well that, in a nut shell is The Hub! The idea for the project was born out of desire to help a group of friends to promote and sell their artwork and clothing. Being internet savvy and having past experience of building e-commerce sites we offered our help in selling, promoting and advertising their work. The result was most surprising! Once the site was established, we discovered a strong interest in the project from a number of other, unrelated sources. Most queries were from small businesses, individual retailers and musicians who wanted to use The Hub to promote and sell their products in a similar fashion. As a result, the site has been reworked and re-launched as an accessible, friendly and viable retail community portal. For more information visit us at: