II-VI Marlow

II-VI Marlow, a division of II-VI Incorporated, is the world leader in quality thermoelectric technology. II-VI Marlow develops and manufactures thermoelectric modules and value-added systems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. II-VI Marlow prides itself on providing standard or custom modules and sub-assemblies to meet our customers’ requirements. Customer Focus At II-VI Marlow, we configure our thermoelectric solutions to meet customers' requirements and optimize the performance of their applications. Market-focused business teams act as an extension of your business, providing industry expertise and feedback to successfully deploy thermoelectric technology within an application. With our full range of products and services, II-VI Marlow can offer the optimum solution to meet your quality, performance, cost and delivery needs. Quality & Performance As a Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award winner and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, quality, reliability and performance are structured into all products and processes as the defining elements of success for the company. From start to finish, we manage by statistical process control – following product development procedures, lean manufacturing techniques and the principles of six sigma. This foundation allows II-VI Marlow to comply with the most stringent requirements and offer a consistent quality level customers can depend on, regardless of the industry or application. Technical Excellence At the Center for Technical Excellence (Dallas, TX), research and product development teams are dedicated to the advancement of thermoelectric technology. The Center also hosts advanced engineering and manufacturing for U.S. defense and space applications. With more than 100 issued patents and 15 published authors on staff, II-VI Marlow offers a strategic advantage to the customer in selecting the appropriate thermal solution to match your application’s requirements. Low-Cost Manufacturing With the addition of a manufacturing facility in Vietnam, customers can now take advantage of our superior quality products at even more competitive rates. The Vietnam factory enables II-VI Marlow to more effectively meet the quality, price and performance needs of clients, while narrowing the time zone gap and providing close interaction with those who manufacture worldwide. To continue the hallmark quality emphasis of II-VI Marlow, the Vietnam facility is ISO 9001 qualified and governed according to II-VI Marlow’s Total Quality System. Global Support As a global company, II-VI Marlow can offer closer interaction and real-time technical support for customers manufacturing worldwide. II-VI Marlow provides engineering, sales and customer service through our design centers in North America, Europe and Asia. Marlow offers additional support through a global network of channel partners and regional offices located in the USA, Germany, China, Japan and Singapore.