This week the Product Hunt charts are topped by INAI Vox, an artificial intelligence that speaks every language in the world Thanks to the new technologies people not only get global warming, sometimes there are really revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology, which as a result affect the life of all mankind. As we have known since ancient times, the greatest gift that makes us Human is the ability to communicate with each other. But with this gift we get the biggest barrier between people - the language barrier. INAI Soft team had been solving this problem for several years, and finally on June 24, 2021 we presented to the public an incredible interface that has no equal on the planet. But what is it? INAI Vox is an artificial intelligence that speaks all the languages of the world better than man himself! Everyone knows that even a child can turn a text into a robot-like voice. But as the technology develops, the demand for podcasts, voice chat bots and audio content for YouTube TV channels skyrocketed. This was the focus of the development and creation of the INAI Vox product - to provide mankind with the maximum number of different voices in all the top languages of the world. This is a very complex task, as millions of hours must be spent digitizing the voices of real people and developing new models for deep learning. Having solved the global problem with the quality and quantity of voices in their favor, the team moved on to smaller problems such as the user interface. Here, too, the developers were lucky! They managed to create a whole recording studio online, where you can manage your entire sound library right in the cloud, store all your generated audio files and manage all the information even via API, which makes such a product even more flexible and indispensable at all levels of Business. Developers themselves often use their INAI Vox service to solve marketing problems of their internal and external projects. So, they know firsthand how indispensable this service is. The product itself, not only the developers, but all other users like it! This fact was established as soon as the project rose to first place in the weekly rating on the global platform for evaluating startups - Product Hunt. This was the newsworthy reason for writing this news. INAI Vox - the new voice of artificial intelligence, can voice you in any voice in your language, without an accent. The INAI Vox team is giving everyone one month free from launch! Especially for users of the Product Hunt website! Speak fluent in over 47 languages! Over 200 voices are used in total, with 47 languages currently supported. AI voice is 30% more accurate than regular voice. TTS, the text-to-speech conversion known as standard voice, is less expensive than neural voice. With standard voices, you could choose a female or male narrator who reads your content in a very natural way with intonation and a friendly voice as you would like to listen. With INAI Vox you can use your voice anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Leave your hands free to write texts or take pictures without bothering to type. Use voice recognition in games and have fun with lots of fun and familiar voices. Or just communicate, talk, and create storybooks for kids. And you can do it all while you're eating breakfast or driving to work. INAI Vox is ready to be with you, join in, test, admire! Project website: