Ingle & Rhode

London, England, (January 29, 2010) - Ingle & Rhode, the UK's principal retailer of ethical jewellery and custom engagement rings produced using conflict-free diamonds and fair trade gold, comment on the revelations that Zimbabwe's government have been using military force to partition diamonds away from UK-based company, African Consolidated Resources. African Consolidated Resources (ACR) and the Zimbabwean government have been in dispute over the Marange diamond fields since 2006, and ACR has been recognised by courts in the area as the legal owner of the diamond mining rights. However, since ACR were awarded the full rights in September, the Zimbabwean government has cancelled ACR's mining license in December with immediate effect. The military have clamped down on mining in the area and the government has partnered with Mbada Diamonds to seize control of the area and trade the gemstones recovered. Jonathan Samkange, lawyer for ACR, is campaigning for awareness of the issue and recently told "Anyone buying them [Marange field diamonds] must know that they are trading in stolen diamonds. We are placing an advert in the press to that effect." "That the Zimbabwean government is resorting to little more than bullying to encroach on the diamond fields of Marange is, sadly, of little surprise and shows just how much work is needed to go into Africa's diamond trade to make it legitimate and fair for all," says Tim Ingle of Ingle & Rhode. "The industry will always have a black mark against its name with actions like these, and it is up to independent traders such as Ingle & Rhode to promote the cause of ethical diamonds and jewellery." Find out more about Ingle & Rhode and their range of ethical designer and bespoke jewellery at: or contact them on 0207 917 9515.