Innermost Secrets Ltd

Cardiff, United Kingdom (March 19, 2010) - Innermost Secrets are distributing an Ovarian Cancer Symptom Diary to help raise awareness about Ovarian cancer in women. Based at the Cardiff Spire Hospital, Innermost Secrets provide ultrasound and medical care for pregnant and non pregnant women at their Reproductive Health Clinic. The clinic specialises in antenatal care, specialist pregnancy ultrasound scans, fertility services including the Body Clock test to assess a woman's future fertility and sexual health advice for couples. March 2010 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and is designed to help alert women to the warning signs associated with cancer of the ovaries. Over 4,400 women die every year from ovarian cancer and it also accounts for 6% of cancer deaths in women. Based on an ultrasound scan and a blood test (CA125), Innermost Secrets can provide women with a simple annual ovarian cancer screening test which only takes thirty minutes to complete and can help detect the early signs of cancer when treatment is most effective. To help women recognise the early warning signs of ovarian cancer, Innermost Secrets have designed and are currently distributing an Ovarian Cancer Symptom Diary to enable women to keep track of important symptoms such as stomach or pelvic pain, persistent abdominal bloating, difficulty eating and feeling full quickly etc. They can then take their completed diary to their GP should they have any concerns. The diary shows a symptom list and a daily tick chart for when the symptoms occur and their severity which will help a GP to advise whether immediate action needs to be taken. "Ovarian cancer used to be called a silent killer but awareness of the pattern of key symptoms is an important aid to early diagnosis. The symptoms of ovarian cancer can be similar to those experienced during menstruation or irritable bowel syndrome and, as such, many women and GPs may dismiss them when in reality it could be pointing towards a significantly more serious problem," commented Dr Bryan Beattie , Director of Innermost Secrets. "We have constructed this diary to help women keep track of their symptoms over a 4 week period which can help GPs quickly identify any pattern and thus significance . There is an ideal opportunity this month for the media to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and we hope that our diary can play a part in that." To find out more about Innermost Secrets and the services offered by their ovarian cancer screening clinic, fertility clinic and other clinics, visit their website at or telephone 0345 230 3386 during office hours.