Insurial Americas, inc.

Founded in 2007, Insurial Americas is a Wall Street based firm providing securities consulting and global trade representation services. Insurial's Securities Consulting Operations: Insurial advises individuals, institutions, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates and foundations on managing fixed income, and domestic and international equity. Insurial's consulting has resulted in consistent long-term growth for its clients - at an acceptable level of risk. This is achieved by using a proven long-term and tax sensitive investment philosophy. Insurial's Global Trade Representation Services Operations: Insurial provides international business representation and consultation for the overseas manufacturers and suppliers interested in maintaining closer relationships with retail brands in the United States. Insurial, acting as an authorized client services representative in the US, helps increase and maximize exports of products in the entire United States. Insurial is committed to globalizing business activities and establishing a hub where it can serve as manufacturer's primary resource and representative in the US.