INTAKE Talk Show

Intake is a 30 minute two-part episode YouTube series talk show hosted by mental health professionals from various backgrounds-including the host, Bertha Freeman Barrett, MA, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, & Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and her season 1 co-hosts Jules Jean-Pierre, MA, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Registered Marriage & Family Counselor Intern, & Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Shana Sopko, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Each professional offers thier take on the topic during the opening of the show and adds a cultural spin that sheds light on the mental components of these events. Later the host welcome guest from different backgrounds (mental health professionals, social workers, filmmakers, teachers, and individuals who have struggled with a mental illness). Each episode invites a discussion on cultural and societal issues that have an impact on mental health. The show also attempts to destigmatize the perception of mental illnesses, while enlightening its viewers on the significance of caring for their mental state. The general idea of the show is to provide more awareness to mental health and the illnesses associated with it, while discussing real events and topics within our society in a creative, fun, and educational fashion. Between each segment are infomercials providing statistical research or information educating viewers about mental health/wellness and various psychosis. The host discuss various topics commonly ignored or seen as taboo to address in media or among cultural societies, but have an enormous effect on the mind and emotions of many individuals. The show is an affiliate of Wonderline Media with Tami Lee as director and producer of the show, and Bertha Freeman Barrett who developed the show, serves as the host, assistant director, and executive producer.