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Located in Largo, Florida, Interactive Study Systems is recognized as the leader in Adaptive Learning, providing quality educational materials to the IT Industry and Professionals for the past decade. As the standard bearer within this market, ISS continues to expand its' technology and content to better serve today's IT professional. Our Data Development Department is relentless in keeping our curriculum current and relevant. Additionally, we continue to enhance the learning process, utilizing the most advanced technologies and tools applicable to the adaptive learning process and computer based instruction. We know that everyone learns differently and at their own pace that is why we have developed training and certification material that is adaptive and involves all of the senses. Our Success System is proven and affordable! Our training programs employ an array of multi-dimensional learning techniques that makes our Four Point learning system so successful. The building blocks of this proven system include audio cds for learning on the go, extensive diagnostics, adaptive software, simulated exams, video courseware for a visual learning environment and vendor specific press books; all available well below retail cost. Our strategic partnerships with companies large and small, authors, trainers and educators allow us to provide today's IT professional with the finest educational material available. Interactive Study Systems is fully committed to our customers. Recognized as the standard bearer in IT certification and training, our materials and integrity set us apart from others in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of comprehensive learning material available at an affordable price.