Teknologi Cakra International is an IT business service company and brand consultant that now focused in providing integrated big data analytics platform to our worldwide customers. It has started as a dedicated business investigation teams and custom software solutions in 2020. Along with the growth of Information Technology, we created InterconnectDATA as a business information platform which offering a variety of business solutions to help our clients addressed their needs such as full managed service IT solution Data as a big data analytic platform to provide millions of global business professionals with comprehensive data on private and public markets, assisting them to discover and create opportunities accurately. The platform has been integrated with several trusted international partners such as: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), S&P Global as an American-based company experts in providing Artificial Intelligence in real-world applications, and Statista as a Germany-based data provider company that specializes in market and consumer data, statistics data and statistics portals in the world. The platform is ready to provide a global overview of various facts and topics, providing the latest market figures and consumer goods predictions for more than 200 markets. The various types of data available on the platform are strengthened by more than 1 million statistical data on more than 80 thousand topics and more than 22,500 sources from 170 more industries with different backgrounds. The types of data provided include data for investment analysis needs, portfolio valuation, risk management and quantitative analysis. Added with various data from industry experts, analysis and market insights, which include insights about companies, target markets, data, research, credit ratings, benchmarks, solutions that governments, companies and individuals can rely on to make business decisions with confidence.