International Circuits Inc

About International Circuits International Circuits is a professional rigid, flex and aluminum Printed Circuit Board manufacturer specializing in affordable, high-quality printed circuit boards for a global customer base. As one of the fastest growing PCB suppliers in the industry, we are continuously expanding our service and technical support center in the United States as we look to bring the highest level of competitive pricing, product quality and reliable service. Our Mission Our goal is to redefine the way you view your PCB manufacturer. The International Circuits team is comprised of a highly dependable manufacturing base along with a tech savvy generation that has the tools, creativity, and energy that is allowing us to quickly pass our competition and their old-school philosophies. Our Service We continually strive to improve the efficiency of our 24/7 online quote and order process. We understand that speed is key in any industry and unlike many US or foreign based suppliers, who take up to 24 hours to return a quote -- we try to return all standard spec quotes in one hour or less. Our Pricing At International Circuits, we are fully committed to offering industry leading quality and pricing to make sure you stay ahead of the curb. Furthermore, we offer superior cost savings for both the prototype (visit our Prototype Circuit Board Series today!) and production quantities. Discover International Circuits We cordially invite you to make use of our website and services. Even as the competition grows more fierce, we have the pricing to stay ahead and the quality to back it up. We know North America continues to be the cauldron of new ideas and innovation and we look forward to assisting you every way we can to bring your unique design into reality. Contact us today to discover what International Circuits can do for you.