Investors Hangout

Investors Hangout is designed and developed by traders for traders. According to spokesman David Minnick, "This is our vision of how we feel a stock community should be - a place to talk about your favorite stock, a place to build a reputation, a place to learn the ropes, a place to come together without having to look over your shoulder. Investors Hangout is a true place for all investors to call home!" Minnick affirms the efforts expended in development. "We have really turned over every stone in our quest for the ultimate platform for our members. After a long and timely eight months of consistent work and constant testing and re-testing, we are happy to finally show the world this long anticipated community. In my quest to become the world's best trader, I realized that the industry was missing something, and it was going to prevent me and many others from accomplishing financial freedom. I made a strategic decision to give up my trading dreams and do what it takes to provide traders with the ultimate tool - an unbiased community to learn and develop in."