There is a constantly growing demand for well-qualified, industry ready software testing resources in the IT Companies due to heavy demand for custom made software in India as well as the International markets. While the top IT Companies are always on the lookout for industry ready experts in the field, the supply of resources has been continuously low due to the sudden demand. On the other hand, a lot of freshers who are new to the software testing industry are aspiring to get hired in the top IT companies in this field. The companies are reluctant to hire the freshers because of the rising cost of training the resources for making them industry ready. Because of this, even though there is heavy demand and supply of manpower, there is a mismatch between the same. STC Technologies, the leader in Software Testing Education industry strives to bridge the gap between the two by developing the freshers into highly qualified, industry ready experts by providing them with the best curriculum lauded by the top IT companies and industry experts. The IT companies are more than willing to hire the students of STC Technologies. This creates a win-win model for the freshers as well as the companies. The companies gain by way of saving on the Training costs and lowering the costs of hiring manpower as a whole. STC Technologies has now taken a major leap in improving the employability of the engineering students right from the start. They have planned and partnered with a number of colleges to setup of Software TestLabs in their campuses. These TestLabs will serve as incubation centres for the students to improve the employability of the students right from the start. By the time the students complete their graduation, they will not be treated as freshers like the other students by the industry since they undergo a one year internship program and training by STC Technologies while doing their graduation. The IT Companies will be more than willing to hire them immediately since they are already industry ready. “Growing demand for skilled freshers threw the seed to start these incubation centres in colleges” says Thirumal Raj, the CEO of STC Technologies. The company is looking to partner with many more colleges as there is always a growing demand for skilled freshers in the industry.