Jeffrey R. Davis P.A

The Miami law firm of Jeffrey R. Davis P.A. has represented clients in Miami, North Miami, Miami Shores, Hollywood, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and throughout Florida for 30 years in cases involving personal injury. At Jeffrey R. Davis P.A., they know that every case is different. Every client is different. The attorneys use a tailored, client-focused approach and are committed to providing personalized legal service while protecting their client’s legal rights. Jeffrey R. Davis, P.A. attorneys have years of litigation, mediation and negotiation experience, plus a comprehensive knowledge of Florida law. Although statistically many cases will reach a settlement before trial, the attorneys at Jeffrey R. Davis P.A. prepare every case as if it was going to trial. When preparing cases, the firm consults with leading experts in medicine, engineering, manufacturing, and other fields to identify, understand and illustrate the logistics of an incident. At Jeffrey R. Davis, the attorneys are willing to use the resources necessary to maintain their commitment to their clients.