JJC Law is a premier litigation firm in New Orleans that represents individual and commercial clients locally and nationally. When we say “litigation,” we mean that we are the attorneys actually doing the work in your case. Not all cases require litigation. Some cases are negotiated and settle before a suit is filed, or “pre-lit.” Our firm specializes in handling the cases that require the drafting of pleadings, conducting discovery, briefing and arguing motions, and ultimately taking cases to mediation, arbitration or trial. Most of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers. We love that, but we also don’t mind representing you or your business from the start. The fact that we have a reputation for actual litigation means that coming to us first can give you a better chance of reaching an amicable resolution before you sue anyone. We know how to fight and are certainly not afraid to do so when provoked, but we also know that picking a fight when it is not necessary may not be the best solution for you. Our practice areas are primarily but not exclusively plaintiff-oriented, meaning that we represent the individual or business that was harmed and is looking to be made whole. We represent businesses for a wide range of issues involving healthcare, government contract work, construction disputes, property casualty events, insurance coverage, indemnity/defense tenders, and general breach of contract. We represent individuals with injuries from maritime, motor vehicle, product defect and premises liability incidents. We also represent individuals in first party insurance claims, like a Homeowner’s Insurance claim for hurricane or other physical damage.