Joe Schroeder

It is so easy to get intimidated and even paralyzed by the looming responsibilities and complexities of living, leading, and serving these days. At such times, we can feel compelled to throw up our hands in defeat and declare, "I am not worthy to the task" or "This all is far too much for me!" But God does not call the prepared; he prepares the called! And we are never alone when we answer the call to serve His children. For years in my leadership journey and throughout the entire process of writing this book, I have taken great strength and encouragement in a quotation from a cherished spiritual hero, Mother Teresa (now Saint Teresa) of Calcutta: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” When I focus upon that simple image and give it all up to the Spirit, I find that my anxieties and fears and unnecessary concerns dissipate—time and time again. Perhaps such an image can be similarly consoling and strengthening in your daily living, leading, and serving, too. You don’t have to be great; you just need to be faithful—and willing to earnestly serve as but a humble little pencil in the hand of a great and loving God.