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New York, NY ( sbwire ) August 08, 2011 - Typically, a mild or slightly curved or bent penis will, with proper treatment, rectify itself without any form of medication, whereas a more severe case may require corrective surgery A penis curve or bend can be defined as ‘an abnormal penis shape that can be mild to severe and can cause many men some form of discomfort in either a psychological or physical sense. For instance, many men who have a curved or bent penis tend to think that their ability to make love is compromised and that their partner may not find them as exciting in bed, they also tend to worry about the aesthetic appeal of their penis and this in a psychological sense can make them feel inadequate. Causes of a Penis Curve or Bend A severely curved or bent penis is often caused by either a condition called Peyronie’s Disease or a penile fracture. Peyronie’s Disease occurs when the fibrous tissue of the penis becomes scarred often due to an injury to a penis suffered during intercourse or masturbation. This then causes the penis to bend or curve, which may result in an inability to gain and sustain an erection and have satisfying sexual intercourse. The other cause of a penis curve or bend can be a penis fracture. This condition usually occurs during vigorous or aggressive sexual activity, and is often extremely painful, as the injury occurs when the penis is erect. When a fracture of the penis occurs usually a loud popping sound is heard as the cylinders that fill with blood in the penis and create an erection, rupture, with one or more of the cylinders breaking. Symptoms of a Penis Curve or Bend The symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease and a penis fracture are similar to each other, but there are also distinct differences that set each of these ailments apart. Usually sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease experience the following: 1. A curved or bent penis of more than 10 percent; 2. Difficult sexual intercourse; 3. Painful erections; 4. A reduction or minimal flexibility in the penis; 5. The penis may be painful to touch; and 6. Urination may be difficult. Whereas the symptoms of a penis fracture may include those of Peyronie’s Disease, a sufferer may also experience the following: 1. Bruising to the penis; 2. Signs of blood or trauma to the penis coming from the urethra; 3. A loud popping or cracking sound comes from the penis; 4. Chronic pain that is almost unbearable; 5. The penis may also develop a lump or other signs of damage such as inflammation in an area along the shaft of the penis. Treatment of a Penis Curve or Bend Peyronie’s Disease and a fracture of the penis are treated by firstly abstaining from any sexual activity. This includes intercourse and masturbation. Both conditions are then usually treated via surgery, in most cases. If a penis fracture is suspected then it is vital that medical treatment is sought immediately, as the condition can be life-threatening, especially if the bleeding is not brought under control. In situations where there is a slight bend or curve to penis then the daily use of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) will help to keep the penis and its skin in optimal condition and maintain its flexibility so that the risk of further curves, bends, and breaks is reduced. This is attributed to the fact that these products contain essential vitamins and minerals that enhance and maintain the health of the penis. About: For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: John Dugan writes about men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites. ###