John O Brien

SBIS is Canada’s leading agency for individual health and dental insurance, and has been a leader in the industry for over 17 years, and is entrusted by Canadians as the country’s leading provider of health insurance. SBIS’s preferred partner – Green Shield Canada – has huge financial strength and integrity. Green Shield Canada is the only nationwide not-for-profit health and dental provider in Canada that serves over 1.3 million participants. The company has over 1 billion dollars in annual revenue, and is one of the most stable health and dental providers in the world. SBIS have clearly worked hard on their 9 individual plans, which are intended to cover any eventuality. These cover a range of important situations, including retirement, plant closures, job loss, overage dependants, surviving spouses and students coming off a group plan. You will find that these plans are simple to understand, but comprehensive in scope. As a rule, SBIS plans have been designed to cover anyone who is losing a group benefit plan or who doesn’t qualify for a group plan. Coverage is available for those who have no access to a group plan. You don’t have to have come from a Green Shield group plan; individuals can come from any group plan. Furthermore, if you are coming off a group plan, then 6 of SBIS’s plans are guarantee issued. If you are not coming off a group plan, then the other 3 plans are guarantee issued. Essentially this means that whatever your circumstance you don’t need to fill out a medical questionnaire. In no circumstance will you be declined. Where SBIS excel is in being forthright about what the plans cover, and there are no hidden barriers to entry, or problems with technicalities. SBIS’s plans are comprehensive yet simple. Most other health plans are concerned about the health of previous generations, and will underwrite accordingly, drastically increasing the cost of the plan. SBIS’s plans are only concerned about your individual health and situation. Further to this, SBIS don’t underwrite extended health benefits like many other insurers – plans are simpler and the reduction in cost is passed on to you. Many other insurers will specify a lifetime maximum on policies – with SBIS there are no lifetime maximums. There is also no waiting period. Plans do not cut off at a certain age – as long as the premiums are paid your plan will continue to cover you. Plans are updated and maintained, meaning rate increases happen on average every 36 months. This far exceeds what most other insurers can offer, where rate increases occur every 12 months. A convenient pay-direct card is available, which allows you to pay pharmacies, dental offices and registered therapists directly from your plan. Unlike other insurers’ policies where you have to make a claim and wait to be reimbursed, with the SBIS payment card you will never be out of pocket. An advisor from SBIS is always available over the phone between 9-5 ET. A dedicated specialist is available to help you with any query. There is no automated system, no waiting on hold, and no convoluted phone system. SBIS’s 17 years of experience is always available to help you and advise you about your comprehensive coverage.