Johnny Hughes

Orlando Web Design Company - Designzillas, ( is thrilled about the recent roll-outs of their new website. The latest design is a far better representation of the creativity and innovation that the Orlando based design agency has been known for. Their new website does not just deliver valuable open source tutorial resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners to boost their own web presence, but offers total mobile web accessibility across literally hundreds of smart phone platforms. Johnny Hughes, the company’s principle and founder of the Orlando web design company feel that mobile web design is now a necessary layer of the online user experience. In another 2-3 years, people without a mobile version of their website will lose out on the rising mobile web traffic that has become more and more noteworthy. “We have seen an incredible spike in our online traffic since rebuilding our mobile website in the last 6 months, and have gained a lot of response from our potential customers. It’s fun, fast, and accessible!” Apart from an incredibly small file size and comprising of only limited images to reduce http requests; the new mobile website acquires search engine optimization to the extreme. During the time of this roll-out, the company was the second listing in Google for Orlando web design, ruling every web design and SEO company in the state of Orlando. Orlando being known as one of the most cutthroat marketing cities in the US, this was no small feat. The Orlando web design and SEO firm continues to be moving up the ranks in SERPs since their roll-out the 1st week and business is picking up in view of that. The new design is part of the company’s philosophy of marketing by teaching. They aspire to present you with a definitive resource for Open Source platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Wordpress while increasing their web design services for clients through the entire United States and abroad.