Judge Diane Ritchie

Website : https://twitter.com/judgedianeritch Address : 7064 Miami Street, Riverside, CA 92506 Phone : +1 951-530-8551 Judge Diane Ritchie has diligently worked to protect our community. When handling criminal cases, Judge Diane Ritchie was tough on crime, the goal being to give severe enough sentences to cause a real change in the behavior of defendants and reduce recidivism. But Judge Diane Ritchie was also willing to innovate to improve our justice system, bringing the Court and the District Attorney’s Office in contact with the prostitution diversion program in San Francisco, which lowered recidivism and cost nothing to the county. Prior to becoming a judge, Diane Ritchie managed a legal practice in San Jose, CA. She was chosen by San Jose Magazine as one of Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers.