Julex Capital Management, LLC

Julex Capital Management, LLC (Julex), founded in 2012, is an SEC-registered investment management firm dedicated to creating innovative outcome-oriented solutions for institutions and individuals. Julex offers a variety of rule-based, and tactical/risk-managed strategies that are designed to protect the downside while maximizing the upside potential. They strive to deliver consistent returns s as well as outperformance against relevant benchmarks over a full market cycle. Julex develops, manages and markets ETF managed products and services to meet client needs in the retail and institutional markets. Currently, Julex offers tactical US equity/bond rotation, multi asset high income, global multi asset and inflation protection strategies. Investors normally use Julex strategies as part of their overall portfolios to enhance returns and reduce downside risks. In the retail market, we serve individuals directly and indirectly through our relationships with financial planners and registered investment advisors (“RIA”s). In the institutional market, we directly serve insurance companies, pension plans, endowments, foundations and others, or indirectly through other asset management organizations.