Liu workers mentioned the 32.768K cylindrical crystal to use in-line cylindrical crystal clubfoot welding precautions ", is extremely broad, and why in this article also mentioned that the SMD quartz crystal resonators in various electronic products popular as it? Cylindrical crystal is generally used for toys, candles, lights, MP3, MP4, etc. The market is not very popular product, the cylindrical crystal cheap, used for some not very demanding electronic products, of course, the River Tay electronics to provide the major Japanese brands crystal for you to choose some of the requirements for strict electronic products, the Japanese brands can choose the River Tay crystal (details Consulting business unit, to recommend for your product crystal). Quartz crystal resonators, SMD and DIP two categories. The quartz crystal components can be divided into: a quartz crystal resonator, crystal oscillator. Quartz crystal components due to the quality factor (Q value) higher, but also by the smaller frequency shift caused by temperature effects, relative to other oscillation components are more accurate and more stable, especially suitable for the frequency accuracy higher communication products, widely used in the communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial control, intelligence, networking, automotive electronics and household appliances, and other fields. From a global perspective, mobile phones, flat-panel TVs, Bluetooth products, computers, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras and other products for many years maintained a steady growth trend. Especially mobile phones, because of the color screen, camera, Bluetooth, Internet, MP3 function is increasing, doubling the number of quartz crystal components used by each phone, 3G communications business conduct is expected to bring huge market demand; In the field of automotive electronics, car audio, car navigation systems, remote control systems, security sensors, automatic air-conditioning function rich crystals the number of components required per vehicle steady growth in automotive electronics with a wider crystal components market space. In the broader high-tech fields, such as the popular intelligent systems, and biotechnology industries, high-precision quartz crystal resonator as the core components of the sensor also has a very important prospect. As mobile phones become more and more miniaturization of electronic components, equipped with the above is also faced with the miniaturization trend. At the same time, the applications on the phone gradually increased, also increasing the number of the requirements of crystal components also requires the miniaturization of the crystal components. If we simply crystal components miniaturization of processing, the accuracy characteristics will be affected. Currently on the <a href="http://www.ledneonsignshop.com/">aluminum light box</a> market demand for crystal components is at the same time to achieve miniaturization, to ensure its excellent performance. For future market trends, miniaturization, high precision and high stability constant theme of the crystal element.