Kelly Patrick Riggs

Kelly Patrick Riggs is a former prisoner who recognizes the need to change the criminal justice system, by changing the lives of the people who may enter the system. When incarcerated Mr. Riggs decided that he would not waste a single minute of the time that would be stolen from his children. He started to write. Through his writing in prison Mr. Riggs realized a method of earning money on his own rather than begging money from his family and friends. Over the four years he has published his work Mr. Riggs has become a strong financial supporter of his family. He also, realized the need for all prisoners to focus on how to make a living long before they leave prison. Upon release, finding a job will be the hardest thing a prisoner will have to do. Mr. Riggs, however, enjoys financial stability and continues to write. Mr. Riggs believes that as a nation we should all contribute to the correction and rehabilitation of our returning prisoners, to support safer communities for our children. For this reason Mr. Riggs documented how he went from an average prisoner to a published author of many books. He took the next step by publishing the steps he created, that led to his success, in a book titled How To Write Your Own Check. Upon his own release from prison, Mr. Riggs began to give this little book away to prisoners and other people in high risk communities.