Kelsey Libby

People put a lot of time, work, and money in the house they live in; there’s no question about that. Unfortunately, all of this investment is placed at serious risk when a home becomes infested with black mold. This fungus feeds on the walls and wood and its airborne spores make black mold a definite health hazard for those with asthma or other respiratory problems. The cost of removing the black mold can be up to $30,000 and residents can be forced to leave the house while the removal is going on. It’s a major expense and a monstrous headache. was created with the homeowner in mind. Understanding the danger to hearth and health black mold presents, the website provides a wealth of information to the visitor on how to best deal with this problem. alerts you to the danger present in black mold and what to do about this fungus. Ways to remove black mold, how best to prevent it and how to effectively keep it from coming back can be found on the pages of this website. It walks an individual through the products available for effective black mold removal, where black mold is most often found and what are best means of protection from the black mold spores. Product reviews are featured on the website along with what the potential costs of various removal efforts are. All of this with the consumer’s tight budget and scarce dollars kept in mind. Black mold is a dangerous health hazard that produces airborne mycotoxins. makes the health issue a priority and explains in plain language what poisons are produced by black mold and how to detect the symptoms of contact. explains how black mold attacks the wellbeing of anyone exposed to black mold, from the mild reactions to the allergens to the more serious problems of overexposure that may include bleeding from the lungs. The medical treatment for the various degrees of infection is explained in easy to understand language that points a questioning person in the right direction. The best thing about is that it helps a middle class homeowner protect his or her biggest investment. It’s true that a house is more than just a building to its owners and structural damage can be a real personal loss as well as a financial burden. assists in maintaining the integrity of the place where families live, children are raised and memories are made. It’s a site meant to serve the consumer with needed insights and solid advice. All the wisdom on this site is critical to a worried homeowner because a reasoned, well thought out, decision needs to be made when considering what to do about black mold. helps a person make the judgment call required to positively fix the problem. It merits being called one of a homeowner’s best friends. Contact Info : Company Name: Your Black Mold Guide. Contact Name : Kelsey Libby. Contact Email : Website: Contact Phone: 310-857-2237. Address: 903 S Lincoln Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405.