Kerry Osborn

At Central Coast Avocado Company, we are inspired by the active outdoor lifestyle that is in sync with California’s Central Coast. We are fortunate enough to call this incredibly innovative place our home. At our core, we have a passion for great tasting, healthy food – as well as natural, sustainable products that are made from locally sourced ingredients. Our mission is to provide versatile, healthy oils which will enhance your healthy lifestyle, just as they do ours. The foundation of our company mission started when we became aware of the versatile health benefits of extra virgin avocado oil. The further we looked into what was already on the market, we quickly became frustrated as we found most of the products were either refined or imported. We then were fortunate to partner with a team that produces our oil as naturally as possible using sterilized cold-press technology. The cold press technology is free of chemical solvents, which are an integral part of many other oil production processes. Cold pressing allows the avocado oil to retain its nutritional content, aromatics, color, and flavors. We are pleased to bring you what we feel is one of the finest avocado oils in the world. We hope that you enjoy incorporating this fine oil into your lifestyle along with your family and friends as much as we do.