The mission of KidWorks is to restore at-risk neighborhoods one life at a time. Our vision is to transform challenged neighborhoods within central Santa Ana, California by building on the strengths and potential in the community through education, character formation and personal development. Our first outreach programs were launched in 1994 in a converted apartment on Townsend Street. Today KidWorks fills a 10,000 square foot community center in the same neighborhood located in the heart of the Federal Empowerment Zone, serving 3,000 community members each year and 350 children and parents each week. In addition to this site we have a center located a few blocks away on Townsend Street. This center serves 75 students weekly. Overall, the goals of KidWorks programs are to be a model of community transformation by building on existing community assets; to be a safe haven for youth and families; and to be a place for learning, nurturing, and leadership development.