Kill Your Cactus Now

PERMANENT CACTUS KILLING, backed by over 10 year of extensive hard-knocks field-testing and rock-solid aerospace engineering work! Why Use a 'Cactus Killing' Machine? Because just ONE cactus killer from us, used 'as prescribed' to permanently kill cactus (and the fact you're able achieve this goal in as little as 9 months time), means you’re potentially gaining thousands or even MILLIONS of dollars in savings over time. Let me explain: Long-term use of herbicidal control for killing cactus is costly and temporary, and conventional mechanical methods (for cactus removal) simply can't handle the aggressive re-growth. Kill Your Cactus (KYC) Machines represent a scientific breakthrough in the area of permanent cactus removal. Ours is a custom-built cactus killer that provides you with an unfair advantage against your prickly pear.