Kingsoft Security

Established in 1989, Kingsoft Security have dedicated to develop Internet security software for twenty years. It has been playing a more and more important role in Internet security area.Our services include online game and software applications planning, development, operations and distribution over online and offline channels. The composition of our team is diverse and complete. Kingsoft's team is integrally formed by industry experts from various industries. This wide range of experience has been drawn upon to produce services and solutions that is both practical and comprehensive. Kingsoft is one of the earliest companies to engage in the research and development of generally used software. Kingsoft has various research and development centers which play an important role as a comprehensive software development platform, offering a wide range of innovative entertainment and applications software. As a leading software developer, Kingsoft has developed several innovative software applications, including Kingsoft Office, Kingsoft Internet Security, and Kingsoft Power Word as well as martial arts MMORPGs, such as the "JX Series" and "The First Myth", and "CQ Online". We reach our target clients through online and offline distribution channels. Most of the clients and partners are from renowned national and international corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and public clients worldwide. Kingsoft has been growing steadily and is aggressively working to expand into the international market to offer innovative and creative experience to our customers around the world. Kingsoft's business has expanded diversely in Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, as well as other territories through partnership activities between distributors and dealers. Kingsoft is always concerned with providing quality software products and making them affordable for all users. The guiding principle for all Kingsoft staff is to uphold our business with pride and passion, for the sake of our customers, shareholders, employees and partner companies, and for the purpose of contributing to the development of a healthy ICT culture.