Kip McGrath Durbanville

Kip McGrath is an international brand in education. We specialise in the provision of extra remedial lessons for learners from grade R - 12 that struggle with school subjects like Maths, English, or Afrikaans. The Durbanville education centre invites all learners who might need a little extra help to come in for a free assessment. Once we have determined the reason for your learning difficulties, we will proceed by developing a learning programme specifically suited to your needs. Our tutors are all experienced and qualified teachers, so both learners and parents can have complete confidence in our abilities. We are open after school, for learners to join us for their extra lessons. Our lessons are face-to-face and we also encourage computer-based learning. We have helped many learners improve their marks and achieve academic success over the years. So, for a fun and exciting learning alternative that will help you reach your full potential in school, be sure to reach out to us and book your free assessment. Contact us either via phone or email.