Kowide Outdoors is a certified ISO 9001 company, one of the leading outdoor gear manufactures for over 30 years in Vietnam. We manufacture backpacks, camping gear, climbing accessories and garments with the most advanced technology. Most backpack manufacturing companies & active wear manufacturers try to reduce costs by using unethical means of employment and using lower quality products. This practice has plagued garment factories in not just Vietnam but all over the world, giving rise to a lot of human rights violations. We, at Kowide Outdoors, have always prided ourselves with the ethical and sustainable practices we run to achieve unmatched levels of quality and efficiency in our activewear and backpack manufacturing process. Whether it’s material processing, pattern design, digitization or development, the attention to detail is second to none. The workforce is dedicated to assuring accuracy & efficiency in order to make the toughest outdoor gear in the world, with reliability being given top priority. This backpack & garment factory aims to set the standard for efficiency in the industry. The fabrics & materials used are sourced ethically and are also meeting quality standards across the globe. Both hand and machine are used in the activewear & bag manufacturing process. Giving our customers the finesse of hand work and the accuracy of the latest technology. The process is just as well defined for our activewear manufacturers as it is for our backpack manufacturing process. Each product goes through multiple stages of design, production and assembly before being re-checked to ensure not even a single thread went wrong.