KVA Stainless Inc.

Using innovative research, KVA STAINLESS™ manufactures low cost, high strength stainless steel tubing, as well as provides the processing technologies to produce tubing, pipes, stamped and shelled structures and components. KVA specializes in first-rate research and development, engineering, high quality manufacturing standards, and uncompromising customer service. Located in southern California, KVA STAINLESS™ is a growing R&D venture focused on developing and promoting uses for lightweight, ultra high-strength, low cost, stainless steel alloys. KVA STAINLESS™ technical staff, with a combined 60 years experience in thermal processing, metallurgy, automated welding, brazing and mechanical design, have developed numerous proprietary and patent-pending processing and manufacturing methods to enable the use of lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hardened stainless steel components throughout a wide variety of industries.