LA Sleep Dentist

Learn more Learn more Click TO Call Icon(818) 275-8160 People come to us every day wanting their old smile back or the smile they’ve always wanted. They find the answer with us. Sleep sedation dentistry only requires that the patient lie back and relax. We do the rest! No shots, no suffering, no memory! Onetime single highly productive dental procedure Reduction in dental phobia… less stress Low to no pain Fewer dental visits Saves you time Overall cost savings Sedation dentistry is a broad and often confusing term that includes any type of sedation used in dentistry. The two types of sedation available are conscious sedation (awake) and unconscious sedation (asleep). Conscious sedation dentistry involves using oral pills or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which will make you feel drowsy but should not put you to sleep. Unconscious sedation dentistry involves the use of I.V. sedation or general anesthesia which produces complete sleep during which you will be free of pain and will have no memory of the procedure.