Laura Bratton

My name is Laura Bratton, common sense candidate for Irvine City Council. I am an 18-year resident of Irvine and raised my daughter here. This is home. That’s why I’m running for City Council. Protecting the quality of life for my fellow residents of Irvine is my number one priority. I am also focused on transparency in City government, fiscal responsibility, safer streets for our children, and returning to the community feeling we once had. Now is the time to have thoughtful, meaningful conversations with the people of Irvine to ensure we are moving forward, not backwards, as a community towards equality for all residents regardless of their background, economic or otherwise. I will lead our community forward with a fiscally responsible progressive vision that benefits all residents, while keeping Irvine, Irvine. We must have a bipartisan City Council to continue our position as a global leader. We must debate the important issues, acknowledge our differences, and come to a consensus for the sake of our residents. No more rhetoric, no more grandstanding, no more status quo. On the City Council, I will support clean air initiatives to protect our environment which protects our residents. I will work to reduce homelessness by providing a hand-up to those in need. I will advocate for wage equality programs geared towards women and minorities because a fair Irvine is a good Irvine. I will create a more expansive COVID-19 education program to inform our residents of the risks and how a change in behavior, even if temporary, can save lives. I will seek to ensure there is accountability and better training in our police department. With your support, I will be the first African American City Council Woman in our City’s history. Let’s move in a diverse direction for the sake of our future. Let’s make history, together.