Law Offices Of Jonathan Kaye

Jonathan Kaye has been practicing law for 24 years. He is a former NY Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted hundreds of DWI cases. Now Mr. Kaye is a private attorney that specializes in DWI defense and has defended hundreds of cases as a defender. Jonathan knows the seriousness of a DWI and how it can impact an individual and family. Being a former DWI prosecutor, he knows the mistakes that were made that caused cases to get dismissed. While as a prosecutor he tried to hide those mistakes, now he uncovers them. That's why he methodically goes over every case. Because there are lot of pieces to a DWI case and sometimes all it takes is one mistake to get the case dismissed. Our job is to find that mistake. Many DWI lawyers go through the motions offering very little in DWI defense. Jonathan is a competitive lawyer who wants to win cases, not take the easy way out. If we can’t get the case dismissed we try to get the charges weakened. Then we can get lowered sentences for licenses getting suspended, fines and less jail time if warranted. The bottom line is that you are paying for a service. Jonathan Kaye wants to provide the best of service, that's why he posts his mobile phone number right on the site. So don’t go with a lawyer that will just go through the motions, go with a lawyer that wants to win and take the time to give you a fighting chance, go with Jonathan Kaye.