LB&B Associates Inc.

LB&B Associates Inc. provides  a variety of contractor services for the U.S. Government and for  commercial entities, and is  separated into five  support divisions: Facilities Management, Operations  and Maintenance Services; Logistics Support Services;  Systems and   Technology Services; Base Operations Support  Services; and Commercial Support Services. Recent projects include Naval Air Forces U.S. Atlantic  Fleet Contractor Instructor Services (CISLANT) Task Order for  Atlantic Region Training Sites; also the re-compete task order under the FTSS III Contract for Navigational Seamanship Ship-Handling, Contractor Instructor Services (NSS CIS)   LB&B Associates Inc., which  began in 1992 as a two-person organization, has over 1,300  associates, providing a broad range of    services to an  equally broad range of clients, including the  federal government, state governments, commercial  businesses, the  military,   NATO, hospitals, churches,  research centers, and educational facilities.  LB&B Associates Inc.’s  leadership has  assembled an experienced team that has managed  businesses large and small, and that  supports  a knowledgeable and  accomplished on-site staff.