L'Core Paris

L’Core Paris is a total skin and beauty care company established in Paris, France. It is a luxury cosmetics brand with highly advanced skin care products that take advantage of both the most effective skin care formulations and the skin care properties of organic extracts. The luxury element that elevates it above other skin care products is the infusion of luxury gemstone and precious metals. L’Core Paris has produced multiple lines of skin care products, with each collection focusing on different skin care needs. There are a total of eight collections: The Gold Collection for daily skin nourishment and protection, The Diamond Collection for anti-aging, The Emerald Collection for collagen nourishment, The Sapphire Collection for facial cleansing, The Lavo Ruby Collection for bio-thermal facials, The Body Care Collection, and the line and dark spot correction collections of Pearl and Black Mamba Diamond. Each product in each of these collections is infused with nanoparticles of their respective luxury gemstone. The gemstones not only provide a luxury element, but also provide therapeutic benefits.