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Debra has over 18 years of Technology and PR experience, having worked as a Consultant, Social Media Expert, Business Development and Branding Strategist, Trainer, and Public Speaker in Publicity/Promotions, Marketing, and Media Relations. Debra and her Light of Gold PR Team created The Staying True To Brand You Program which includes mp3s, Audio Series, Guest Panel Discussions, Workshops and Webinars on the importance of having a cohesive brand for Professionals, Businesses, and Non-Profits. 2018 BOOK LAUNCH - The Staying True To Brand You Book will launch in 2018. Light of Gold PR, Marketing, and Consulting LLC, is an 11 year old boutique PR & Marketing Firm, with offices in both Manhattan (West 31st) and in Montclair, NJ. Light of Gold's Founder, Debra Dixon-Anderson and her Light of Gold PR Team created The Staying True To Brand You Program 4 years ago which shares the importance of having a cohesive brand, eliminating brand inconsistencies, how to re-invent your career and your business, how to fix your reputation, how your non-profit can be more brand compliant, and more. The Staying True To Brand You Program includes a Book & E-Book, mp3s, Webinars, Workshops, Audio Series, and Guest Panel Discussions Light of Gold PR specializes in Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Digital , and Social Media tools, Event Planning and Management, Video Production, Writing, TV Commercials & Promotions. Light of Gold PR also provides Brand Messaging and Development of Social Media Promotions and Management (on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram). Armed with a strong Tech background, Light of Gold PR provides Clients with Web Development (Layout, Design, Write Content, Securing Domains, etc), SEO (Search Engine Optimization on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) as well as Press and Media via Writing Press & News Releases and Pitching thousands of Media Outlets (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Blogs). Light of Gold's creative team has also provide Layout, Design, Write/Create Content for E-Newsletters, Postcards, Flyers and more. Visit us at and