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India Liver Transplant website launched by Jyotsna Verma, to help, guide and educate liver disease patient and those in need of liver transplant. Also aims to promote organ donation so that many more lives with organ failure could be saved. (Press Release) – – A new Liver gives a new life and a well informed decision gives a successful Liver Transplant and complete satisfaction to the patient. The Patient and his family need to have proper Guidance and Education regarding Liver Disease and Liver Transplant procedure before going for this major undertaking. I want to help, guide and educate such patients through my experience as a Liver Transplant Coordinator and to share the moments faced by the patients in their Pre, Peri and Post transplant Period. Law in India permits organ donation from a close relative only and rarely on altruistic ground from non related individual. Donors a re interviewed and explained the need of transplant. They are evaluated for williness, medical, surgical, psychological and socio-economic aspects. Jyotsna Verma from the field of Liver Transplant in India wants to Guide, Help and Educate all liver disease patients and all those in need of Liver Transplant through her experience of dealing with about 10000 liver disease patients and personally coordinating about 600 liver transplants in India. India has become an attraction for medical tourism specially Liver Transplant due to low cost as compared to other parts of World with higher success rate. This provides all the information related to liver transplant, liver transplant india, liver transplant in India, livertransplantindia, livertransplant, Liver, liver transplant for children, liver transplant in small kids, liver diseases, pre-transplant preparation, post transplant care of liver recipient, post transplant care of liver donor, liver transplant surgery, liver surgery India, liver transplant specialist, liver transplant specialist delhi, multi organ transplant, cirrhosis, liver donation, liver failure, hepatitis, jaundice, successful liver transplant, liver cancer, organ donation, liver transplant hospital, prevention of liver diseases, liver transplant consultant, liver transplant cost, lowest package of liver transplantation, liver transplant economical package, highest success rate liver transplant, highest success rate liver transplant, successful liver transplant, successful liver transplant in India, liver transplant coordinator, liver transplant coordinator in India, liver transplant coordinator in Delhi, Cadaver organ, how to get cadaver organ, where to apply for cadaver organ etc. In past Decade, India has become an attraction for Medical Tourism specially for Liver Transplant because of 'Low Cost and High Success Rate'