London Drama

To make you feel even more like you are in a celebrity's home, the whole place is designed like a pop art experiment, full of stunning art, bold colours, and amazing FUNKTION 1 sound systems that keep the music pumping all night long. Wherever you are you will be able to enjoy every single beat from the expert DJ all night long. The tunes? Don't say we didn't warn you: They are modern, twisted, eclectic, wild. Every bone in your body will be begging to dance. If you don't like loud, modern, obnoxious music, then this might not be the place for you. But if you love it, then you will be the life of the party. The best place is definitely its famous Gold Room. If Drama makes you feel like a VIP, the Gold Room will leave you feeling like pure royalty. The room offers a truly personal catering service, with staff waiting on you hand and foot, drink after drink, and endless fun.