LLNH is your London property partner for sales, new build property investments, rental and property management. Managing your overseas property can be very time consuming and costly. This is where our highly trained team of property professionals can take over the day to day running of your entire portfolio and save you thousands of pounds annually. The full property management service we offer takes away the headaches from our clients. We ensure your investment property is tenanted, secure and well managed to help guarantee a high yielding return on your investment. We will build a good relationship with your tenants from day one, ensuring the tenancy runs smoothly and you retain your tenants for the maximum duration. We minimise rental payment delays through our fully integrate management software that tracks payments through our bank accounts, allowing us to recognize late paying tenants quickly and efficiently. The same system also allows us to meet the current UK legislation surrounding rental investments such as Gas Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates. In order to assist with your tax filings, we maintain strong relationships with external tax consultants. We are more than happy to place you in direct contact with these companies and are happy to provide year-end portfolio accounts. Our full property maintenance service also includes regular property inspections at six-month intervals with a written report and full-color photography, ongoing repairs and property maintenance, full tenancy management, property bill payments and statutory payments. Unlike other management agencies, we also develop properties across the UK and have an in-depth knowledge of construction and property valuations. This enables our clients to purchase their investments through LLNH in the knowledge that we can offer a one-stop shop from start to finish helping them maximise their investment potential every day.