Lullaby Confessions LLC

Lullaby Confessions is a positive lifestyle brand dedicated to the health, hope, & happiness of your family, starting with baby! Lullaby Confessions LLC, is a music company that creates original lullaby music collections with lyrical content of positive affirmations set to music.Tell your new little bundle of joy all the wonderful things you think of them.... But do it to a melody! Most lullabies are random songs that are slow but often have no meaning. Why not tell your child all the encouraging truths about them from day one? Tell them that they can do any thing, be anything, or accomplish any goal they put their mind to. We believe it's not only good for baby but good for Mom and Dad to get into the habit of telling them too. So, rather than creating albums over flowing with songs of other people singing, we give you the entire album but as well we give you instrumentals of the songs so that you can tell them yourselves. So join the new movement of telling your child all the wonderful truths about them... But do it to a melody!