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African Luxury Safaris -- The Best Vacation Experience Among the most exciting and awe inspiring vacation adventures in the world an African safari has to rate at or near the top. Traveling through the wilds of Africa on safari and viewing the world’s largest and most ferocious creatures in their natural habitats is the best way to spend a week or two on holiday. Several African Luxury Safari trips are available. Traveling on safari in Africa does not mean traveling in poor conditions. There are luxurious alternatives to safari vacations that treat the travelers to the very best hotels, restaurants and services available. Hosted safaris are available in many of Africa’s nations. Luxury trips on safari include journeys through the jungles of countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique. Visitors can plan their safari adventure as a private trip or join in with a group of other world travelers and enjoy a community experience. Participants in a luxury safari should expect to see every type of African wildlife in its natural habitat. Leopards, lions and elephants all wander across the paths of the safari expeditions every day. The travel guides know the places to visit so that photos of these creatures in their natural splendor can be taken. Sites that are visited during some of the expeditions include the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Zambia. These are the largest falls in the world and offer spectacular visual and aural experiences to safari participants. While on Safari all travelers are treated to the very best accommodations available. Each hotel is carefully chosen for its luxuries and fine cultural offerings. Restaurants and food offerings are the best available. Each night spent in a hotel is spent in luxury and comfort. While on the trails and safari routes travelers are transported in comfortable vehicles with large windows and the ability to view the wilds from every angle. Photo opportunities occur frequently and participants are given the opportunity to ask questions of the tour guides to get a better understanding of the animals and their habitats. For More Information: